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Portishead Glory Box

Alex Tornado explores his female self in the lofi and short cover song ‘Glory Box’ by Portishead. The lofi version, sung from memory, was only a test take, but harmonizes with the lofi shower sequence and creates an artistic Gesamtkunstwerk. There is some gentle female nudity. Do enjoy this flowery interpretation of Portishead’s wonderful song. Incidentally, I only today found out that Beth Gibbons performed the song dressed as a man in the music video. Do leave a comment if you feel like it. Would you like me to sing a proper full version of the song or can it not get any better? Thanks for watching. Alice

Alex planscht mit der “Spree-Prinzessin” / Splish Splash with the “Spree-Princess”

[deutsch] Ich war also baden mit meinen Entchen, als die Spree-Prinzessin vorbeigetuckert kam. Dazu habe ich dann heute noch einen schönen Song geschrieben “Rubberducky” (Quietsche-Entchen). Eigentlich ist es der Landwehrkanal und ich glaube, der enthält das selbe Wasser wie die Spree. Die Spree ist meines Erachtens sauber, aber The Asshole sagt immer, da wär Scheiße drin. Naja. Wo ist nicht Scheiße drin.
[English] So I went swimming with my rubberduckies when the Spree-Prinzessin (the river that flows through Berlin is the Spree, so it’s the Spree-Pincess). Actually it was the Landwehrkanal. I think it’s the same water. ‘Asshole’ thinks it’s dirty, but I like it and my friends like it, too.